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Best Steps To Avoid Clogging Toilets

Here at Arlington Heights, we are happy to offer the utmost comfort to our residents. With amazing amenities such as our game room bowling alley and brand new clubhouse, you’ll never want to leave the community!

Our apartments are aesthetic and modern and are waiting for you to move in! We know maintenance can always be an issue with apartment living. Don’t worry, our team is always helpful and responsive, but just to give them a hand, here are a few tips you can practice to avoid clogged toilets.

Do Not Flush Other Items

It can be hard to break the habit of throwing away other waste into the toilet. To remind yourself not to let any foreign objects into the toilet, keep a waste basket nearby to throw you trash in instead. Putting the toilet lid down as well is a major deterrent from having anything accidentally falling into the toilet.


Clean Regularly

One way to easily maintain your toilet is to clean your toilet with a gentle cleaner. Doing so can help you spot any leaks the toilet may have earlier than later. Because most toilet cleaners are colored, you will see where the leak is and how much leakage there is. Not to mention, this will help encourage a sanitized bathroom!


No Plunger?

There are many alternative ways to help clear a drain if you do not have a plunger on hand. One that is most popular is to first pour in some dish soap, whether that be in the toilet or in the sink. Then follow up by pouring down hot, but not boiling water. The hot water should help break down any blockages and dish soap will help keep the debris moving down the drain. This alternative is easy and doesn’t require any special materials!

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